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How PR Can Boost SEO for Businesses of Any Size

By , posted on SEO and SEM  November 20, 2014


How PR can boost SEO for businesses of any size

In the same way that back alleys don’t make for great shopfront real estate, relegating your website to the nether regions of the searchable internet is a good way to doom your business to failure in today’s information age. Business success, in that sense, depends very much on search...

How to use Twitter Cards for Lead Generation

By , posted on Social Media  November 18, 2014


How to use twitter cards

  Much has been made of search engine optimization, but as social media becomes increasingly important, you need to consider optimizing this channel as well. Fortunately, Twitter cards are an excellent way to generate qualified leads from social media.  One of the main difficulties in social media optimization is...

[Infographic] Optimizing Site Retention Rate With Landing Pages

By , posted on Conversion Optimization  November 13, 2014


Optimizing site retention rate with landing pages

We know that landing page design is a delicate art, and even the simplest details can affect your page’s success rate. . Landing pages should not only capture the viewers’ attention, but they should also engage them. So, how does a landing page achieve this end goal and how...